I don't have access to ssh on my cpanel.

How is it possible to run composer require(composer require razorpay/magento) without any cli interface?


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It's possible but it is difficult

Essentially you will need a php wrapper


Another option is to composer locally on your machine and upload composer.json, composer.lock and vendor folder.

Try to match php versions


You will need CLI sooner or later so I suggest you sort that out with yor hosting provider ass soon as you can. As far as I know you cannot install modules using composer without CLI. Either way you will need to run bin/magento setup:upgrade and some other commands to get your new module working anyway.

  • i can add cli commmands and run using custom php files like <?php print_r(system('php bin/magento setup:upgrade')); but i can't run composer
    – Haerriz
    Jun 10, 2020 at 7:57

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