I have an extension installed that add's a "quote" cart to my Magento 2.3.4 site.

It looks similar to how the default cart works, but it allows customers to add products to a quote-cart and submit it to us so we can send them current pricing.

When a customer adds a product to their quote-cart, the extension creates a mage notification (inside of the green bar) that says:

"You have added "x" product to your quote"

I'd like to change that notification to include a static link that will take them to their quote-cart ("static" as in, one, common URL work's the same for all customers/sessions).

However, this notification comes from a PHP file within the extension's controller folder. (not the standard magento template .phtml file that the default cart notification message does).

Here's the bit of code that creates the notification:

protected function getSuccessMess($hasError, $product)
        if (!$hasError) {
            $message = __(
              'You added %1 to your quote.',

When ever I try to add the HTML link to the message, it will actually print out the escaped HTML code as plain text inside of the notification!

How can I get it to include HTML code that will be rendered and shown in the customers notification bar as an actual link (like the default magento cart notification does).

I'm a PHP n00B so please go easy on me! :)

Thank you SO much for your help.

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