How can I clone the Media folder while cloning the Magento 2 GIT repository?

  • Make sure media folder exist at git repo and you don't have pub/media in .gitiignore – Ramkishan Suthar Jun 6 at 3:53

For this you can open git repo url and check if media folder is available in git repository ? If not available than ask administrator to commit in new branch and you can take a pull of that branch.

Some time, it can also be in git ignore file which will be hidden file .gitignore

check if this exist in that file "/.media"

than its confirmed that its ignored in git list.

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  • I already updated the gitignore file....but still media folder not coming – MagentoDev Jun 6 at 15:39

open your git repository url and check if media folder exist in git repo ?

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