Magento 2 has basic validation if the field is not valid. enter image description here

How to add custom validation to the checkout page which will add a green border and an inscription that notifies the user of a successful validation.

enter image description here

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I found a quick solution, it is working amazing

  1. create you module or insert following code in theme requirejs-config.js
var config = {
    config: {
        mixins: {
            'mage/validation': {
                'Expert_Checkout/js/mage/validation-mixin': true
  1. validation-mixin.js
    'jquery' ], function ($) {
    'use strict';
    var widgetMixin = {
        _create: function() {
            $(this.element).find('input, textarea, select').on("change keyup", function(e){
            return this._super();
    return function (parentWidget) {
        $.widget('mage.validation', parentWidget, widgetMixin);
        return $.mage.validation;
    }; })

Now it will work on all forms and valdate field as user type and add class valid on success



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