Since the update to Magento 2.3.x it is possible to change the layout of the product output using a product id or sku:

Unfortunately there is no possibility to give different designs generally for product types with custom layout update like:


Is there any other way to control the design of the product output in admin?

As an example I would need for the bundle product three different layouts in the frontend, which layout should be loaded controllable via admin in the product itself.


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Follow this answer: https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/328120/82670

You can add how your layout looks into customlayout_index_index.xml file at app/code/VendoreName/CustomLayout/view/frontend/layout.

Update CustomLayoutHandler.php file at app/code/VendoreName/CustomLayout/Observer code.

You can create multiple layouts and check into the Observer file.

Demo Module Click here

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