I have a custom module. when I switch store view it not show anything. enter image description here

normally it still working fine in all store view

enter image description here

update: I have added it in XML file

        <referenceContainer name="page.main.actions">
        <block class="Magento\Backend\Block\Store\Switcher" name="store_switcher">
            <action method="setUseConfirm">
                <argument name="params" xsi:type="string">1</argument>

Any help? Thank in advance.

  • Please share system.xml from the custom module – Yasir Latif May 29 at 3:46
  • @YasirLatif Thank for your reply, Please check my update. – MichaelHa May 29 at 3:50
  • etc/adminhtml etc/adminhtml/system.xml from your module? – Yasir Latif May 29 at 10:20

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