I'm trying to add ability to create custom forms with TinyMCE 4 but can't understand how to do it properly. I should create my custom plugin and then connect it to editor, but can't find any useful information. Tried answer from this thread Magento 2.3 - TinyMCE4 Toolbar and Plugin Configuration but i can't add my custom plugin by this way. Magento devdocs also don't give me any useful information.


you can use this https://github.com/pavelleonidov/magento2-tinymce4 and add this module to extend tinymce4 will work https://github.com/quannh02/tinimce4

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  • My goal is to create custom .js plugin for TinyMCE 4 (standard wisywyg editor in magento 2.3) and make it appear in toolbar. Your answer is not working for custom plugins. – caiiiok254 May 29 at 3:58

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