Have added custom attribute to order API with following info here: https://www.atwix.com/magento-2/adding-custom-attribute-to-api-response-in-magento-2/

It adds the "customer_feedback": "this is my feedback" fine to api.

How to add an Json object array ? E.G:

"my_custom_object": {
    "Key1": "value!",
    "Key2": "value2"



I sourced out the answer to my question!.

One simple cannot do:

$my_custom_object = array("Key1" => "value!") 
$my_custom_object = json_encode(array("Key1" => "value!"));

It expect the value to be an object: So setting customAttribute like so:


$ourCustomData Must be an object: So I create Interface with getter and setter and a model that implements the interface and in extension_attributes.xml:

<attribute code="our_custom_data" type="Vendor\Module\Api\Data\CustomInterface"/>

In Plugin orderRepository:

Inject model : \Vendor\Module\Model\CustomModel $customModel

$ourCustomData = $this->customModel;

Hope it helps anyone!

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