I have been able to SQL query my products that have weight in Magento 2

select * from catalog_product_entity_decimal where attribute_id=80 and value is not null

However, when I try to look up products without weight "value is null" I get none. Is there a way to look up which products don't have weight added to them via SQL or admin panel?

  • you means get product collection without weight using sql query??? – Mohit Patel May 26 at 20:33

NULL is case sensitive. The correct SQL query for getting attribute_id=80 and value is NULL would be:

select * from catalog_product_entity_decimal where attribute_id=80 and value is NULL;

Please note that the attribute_id will differ between Magento installations and can be found with:

SELECT * FROM eav_attribute where attribute_code LIKE '%weight%';

This will not give you what you want as the attribute_id will not exist in the catalog_product_entity_decimal-table if the product is not having a weight set.

One easy way to get products without weight is through the admin-panel.

  1. Go into your product-catalog, through Catalog ==> Products.
  2. Press on Columns (cog-wheel icon, on the top left corner of the product table).
  3. Select to show weight and sort on the weight-column.
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  • Precisely. The answer I was after. Thank you. – Alen Giliana May 27 at 5:27

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