I have updated magento from magento to magento using magento manager connect. after upgrading every thing working perfect, but getting problmes for backend when i go for edit perticular "Catalog Input Type for Store Owner is drop down type" of attributes specially images i go like.

Catalog->Attributes-> Manage Attributes

when we edit attributes and save then normal input text type attributes working but drop down type input specally upload images not working. getting php error message "Decoding failed: Syntax error" and javascript console error.

flex.js:164 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'description' of undefined
at Object.Flex.getFlashPlayerVersion (flex.js:164)
at Object.Flex.checkFlashPlayerVersion (flex.js:46)
at klass.detectFlashVersion (flex.js:425)
at klass.initialize (flex.js:200)
at new klass (prototype.js:101)
at klass.initialize (flexuploader.js:63)
at new klass (prototype.js:101)
at klass.initialize ((index):1934)
at new klass (prototype.js:101)
at Object.add ((index):2008)

I have attached screenshot please check and give me solution or way how to fix it. enter image description here

  • flex/flash is no longer in use anymore by magento. You may have an extension that is still trying to use it. any image extensions or attribute extensions? try to disable those. also turn on var/logging and check log file after replicating this issue again to get more details about why it says decode error and post it in here. – Danny Z May 26 at 17:40

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