Scenario: I am trying to install the authorize.net module/extension.

  1. I have run the Web Setup Wizard:

"Your current PHP memory limit is 256M"

I changed the maximum memory to "=2048" in php.ini.

I found out I am unable to restart the server because it is a Bluehost shared server, which I believe is required for this change to take effect. Any readiness check seems to fail because of the 256M limit.

  1. I tried using composer.json to circumvent the Web Setup Wizard and execute commands via PuTTY:

I tried to add the authorize.net module to the composer.json manually, and attempted to run the Magento update from my root directory and was denied access due to permissions. https://devdocs.magento.com/cloud/howtos/install-components.html

Question: Is upgrading to a dedicated VPS so I have more control my only option to resolve the scenario, and is it in my best interest to do so in the long run anyway? I don't have an issue doing so if it is needed, especially if I will frequently need ability.

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