I have installed and configure the CCAvenue payment method in Magento 2.3 successfully, now I want to pre-select and load CCAvenue on the payment section.

Please suggest.


can you please check this free extension Auto Select Shipping Payment Method


check this solution magento-2-how-to-auto-select-and-load-the-first-payment-method

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  • Thanks for you suggestion, but the The first solution is only compatible with Magento 2.2, and the second option is for Braintree, this is not working for me. – Aatif May 23 at 8:12
  • can you use Magekmf_Ccavenue module? – Chandresh Chauhan May 23 at 8:30
  • Thanks @chandresh Chauhan, Actually I am at the last phase of the website and almost done everything except the above task, implementing a new module in the last phase may create some issue, please suggest something else. – Aatif May 23 at 9:28
  • Auto select shipping payment method - extension working properly in Magento 2.3 also – Aatif May 24 at 12:42

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