I am getting this error when i try to sign in as a customer. What is the reason behind this. I checked there is no duplicate entry for the record id 2011. See error in details here https://prnt.sc/skxonz

I am using MAgento Please help

  • check this link --- magento.stackexchange.com/questions/40884/… – Mohit Patel May 21 at 9:18
  • Which solution in this should i prefer. the correct one has a comment saying this is not the correct way. – Nafisa May 21 at 9:23
  • @MohitPatel any idea what should i do? – Nafisa May 21 at 9:49
  • try to correct answer – Mohit Patel May 21 at 9:50
  • Which ans?? this was not happening initially and i have not done any custom coding recently...this issue appeared all of a sudden. – Nafisa May 21 at 9:51

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