I am trying to install Magento with pwa,but when i run in terminal command yarn create @magento/pwa, and after answer of the question- Im getting an error-- Invalid directory path; contains illegal characters

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The yarn create @magento/pwa command does not work in Windows, and the Magento's team does not want to fix it: github.com/magento/pwa-studio/issues/2342#issuecomment-620161213
A workaround is to use the npx @magento/pwa-buildpack create-project command, e.g.:

npx @magento/pwa-buildpack create-project . \
    --author "Dmitry Fedyuk" \
    --backend-url "https://localhost.com:2205" \
    --braintree-token "sandbox_8yrzsvtm_s2bg8fs563crhqzk" \
    --name "pwa_studuo_2021_01_14" \
    --npm-client "npm" \
    --template "venia-concept"

How do I install Magento PWA Studio to Windows?

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