we are facing an error while generating shipment with tracking number " Error: The order does not allow an invoice to be created." Invoice and shipment is created with showing this error.enter image description here

As per our developer, he has written code on order placed and shipment creation with tracking number, customer and seller both are getting SMS of order number, invoice number, tracking number with title.

SMS generation to customer and seller is working fine for order placement and on submit shipment with or without tracking number on shipment creation.

Except adding tracking number: invoice and shipment is working fine and SMS properly sending, no error is generating.

Error: After adding tracking number while we are clicking to submit button for shipment, then it's showing that screen shot error and going to page for printing of Tracking Title and Tracking Number, code is not executing.

Code written in: /app/code/Mars/SendMessage

Video Link: https://filebin.net/zsxczb14txyjqjxo Code written: https://filebin.net/zsxczb14txyjqjxo

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