I tried to create a second website.

1.Created website

code: base_new

2.Created store

code: store_new

3.Create store view

code: newstorename

4.Configuration > Web > Add Store Code to Urls

Set to YES

5.Changed scope to store_new

6.Changed Base Url in that scope from http://www.myshop.com/ to http://www.myshop.com/newstorename/ (also tried https://www.myshop.com/store_new/)

7.Clear cache, flushed cache, reindex.

But I keep getting 503 Service Unavailable notices. Due to the Add Store Code Url settings the main website is now also under a code https://www.myshop.com/mainwebsite/ there I also get a 503 warning...however..if I go to a category page https://www.myshop.com/mainwebsite/category.html there isn't any problem and the page shows up.

  • did you check the log? var/log – Paul Fan May 19 '20 at 15:40

Have you created a folder for the new website on root folder?


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