i have magento 2.3 store and i want to two website setup with in 1 magento admin

my website url like: www.xyz.com
and another one is www.abc.com

but here i need also in both website different theme use so here i have confusion so i need another directory for another website ya in one directory i will do this and which condition i will add in index.php or htacess file

any one help me anyone in this case

Advance Thanks!!

  • you can assign theme on website level, no need of another directory – Pawan May 18 at 5:53
  • @Pawan thank you for replay but how can do this can you explain in brief because if i will change url website wise then theme allocate then next step is what ? – Jaydip Patel May 18 at 6:27

Magento 2 support theme multi website feature then you do not have need to another directory.

You can setup multiple website using this reference : Setup multiple website.

And you can apply and configure theme using this reference : Apply and configure storefront theme

I hope it helps!

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