I'm having these two main issues below in my Magento 2.3.2 Enterprise Cloud.

  • Heavy SQL load and site performance issues.
  • Long-running and stuck CRON.

New Relic Magento 2

How could I solve it?



Flat tables and indexers enabled.


Starting with Magento 2.1.x and above, the use of a flat catalog is no longer a best practice and is not recommended. Continued use of this feature is known to cause performance degradation and other indexing issues. To disable the flat catalog:

  1. In the Magento Admin, navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

  2. In the panel on the left under Catalog, choose Catalog.

  3. Expand the Storefront section, and do the following:

    • Set Use Flat Catalog Category to No.
    • Set Use Flat Catalog Product to No.
  4. When complete, click Save Config. Then when prompted, refresh the cache.

  5. Flush cache by running php bin/magento cache:flush

If you can't change the Use Flat Catalog Category and Use Flat Catalog Product to No because the options are greyed out disable flat indexers in app/etc/config.php:

  1. Run this command to make sure all indexers are set to Update by schedule: php bin/magento indexer:set-mode schedule
  2. Edit app/etc/config.php and locate the lines with flat_catalog_product and flat_catalog_category - change them from 1 to 0 to disable them.
  3. Run the command php bin/magento app:config:import
  4. Run this command to confirm that the flat indexers are disabled: php bin/magento indexer:status
  5. Flush cache by running php bin/magento cache:flush

Reference: https://support.magento.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034631192

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