I have some customizable options in my products. I would like the checkout/cart page to show the individual prices of each option and not just the total price. Unfortunately I am missing any approach. Similar to the picture of a question from 6 years ago: enter image description here

But I use Magento 2.3.4 and can't get the old code to work.

Update/Edit 2:

I have been able to collect quite a few things so far, but unfortunately I still cannot get the price. The price is 0.00 or is empty. What do I have to do to see the price of each option? Here is my code, which gives me all options but not the prices:

 * @var \Learning\Js\Block\CustomOption $block

$_objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
$product = $_objectManager->get('Magento\Catalog\Model\Product')->load(3);
$customOptions = $_objectManager->get('Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Option')->getProductOptionCollection($product);
$productTypeInstance = $_objectManager->get('Magento\ConfigurableProduct\Model\Product\Type\Configurable');
$productAttributeOptions = $productTypeInstance->getConfigurableAttributesAsArray($product);
foreach($customOptions as $option) {
    $values = $option->getValues();
    if (empty($values)) { 

    foreach($values as $value) {
        echo $value->getTitle();


In overrided by your module file:


add new method to get full product data by its id:

 * Get item product
 * @return \Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductRepository
 * @codeCoverageIgnore
public function getProductFull($id)
   return $this->productRepository->getById($id);

Edit app/design/frontend/Module/Theme/Magento_Checkout/templates/cart/item/default.phtml

At beginning add newly created function to get full product data for example:

//ChrisG added method in Magento\Checkout\Block\Cart\Item\Renderer
$productFull = $this->getProductFull($product->getId());

and after line: ~48:

<dl class="item-options">
   <?php foreach ($_options as $_option) : ?>
      <?php //ChrisG Add price to option

        $optionId = $_option['option_id'];
         $option = $productFull->getOptionById($optionId);
         $itemOption = $_item->getOptionByCode('option_' . $option->getId());
         $price = false;
         $optionPrice = "";
         if($_option['option_type'] != 'area') {
            foreach ($option->getValues() as $values) {
               if ($values->getId() == $itemOption['value']) {                         
                  $price = $values['price'];
            if ($price !== false && $price > 0) {
               $optionPrice = ", ". $this->convertPrice($price, true); 
         } ?>
         <?php $_formatedOptionValue = $block->getFormatedOptionValue($_option) ?>
            <dt><?= $block->escapeHtml($_option['label']) ?></dt>
            <?php if (isset($_formatedOptionValue['full_view'])): ?>
               <?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ $_formatedOptionValue['full_view'] . $optionPrice; ?>
            <?php else: ?>
               <?= $block->escapeHtml($_formatedOptionValue['value'], ['span']) . $optionPrice; ?>
            <?php endif; ?>
            <?php //ChrisG Add price to option ends ?>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

Custom options are based on module: itoris/dynamic-product-options

Tested on magento 2.3.2, good luck.

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