Installing user configuration... [ERROR] CredisException: Connection to Redis localhost:6379 failed after 2 failures.Last Error : (10061) No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

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First make sure you have Redis enabled in Xampp. Follow these instructions. A quicker way is to run redis-cli ping you should receive a PONG.

If successful then you may be missing the configurations needed for magento to communicate to the redis server.

It is recommended in the Magento 2 docs to run the magento CLI commands as it has further checks in place.

An example command: bin/magento setup:config:set --cache-backend=redis --cache-backend-redis-server= --cache-backend-redis-db=0

Typical Redis settings are: IP: PORT: 6379

Remember if you are using redis for other caching or session storage, I would recommend using another Number for your redis DBs to separate them.

If you want to check that redis keys are being populated (after a page refresh or action) then run this sequence of commands:

  1. redis-cli (enters you into redis)
  2. SELECT 0 (Number is your database number chosen)
  3. KEYS * (Will output values in Redis DB)


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