I Am facing an issue when i installed a Port theme on Magento2

The solutions on the internet that is already done by default in higher versions of magento from 2.1 onwards. But still facing the issue.

The same question is already asked by yet no correct solution, which is Function mcrypt_module_close() is deprecated in magento 2.3.1

PHP version -> 7.1.9 Magento Version -> 2.3.4

Error (since the logs are clean with white-blank front page , need to get the error using code)

    [type] => 8192
    [message] => Function mcrypt_module_close() is deprecated
    [file] => C:\xampp\htdocs\package\vendor\magento\framework\Encryption\Adapter\Mcrypt.php
    [line] => 94

Can someone know the solution?

  • i think increase the php version... – Mohit Patel May 12 '20 at 12:05

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