Is it possible to create a swatch attribute via the API endpoint? Swatch product attributes are seemingly created programatically by setting swatch_input_type data to the attribute, as demonstrated here:

From debugging, it seems this flag is then used to save swatch configuration data to the additional_data field in the catalog_eav_attribute table:

  "swatch_input_type": "visual",
  "update_product_preview_image": "0",
  "use_product_image_for_swatch": "0"

However, there seems to be no relative POST options for swatch_input_type in the swagger documentation of the product attribute endpoint - and also no way to set swatch configuration JSON to additional_data field of the catalog_eav_attribute table:

I can deduce that this is because there are no relative methods in the product attribute interfaces to get/set this data:

The closest I've been able to get to creating a swatch attribute via the API is by setting the following string to the frontend_input field in my request body:

"frontend_input": "swatch_visual"

This seems to create the attribute, but in a malformed state. Product swatch attributes should have a frontend_input type of "select". It seems Magento will actually reformat attributes with frontend_input type of "swatch_visual" but only when manually saved via the admin panel.


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