Are there (free) extended versions of Magento that make it easier than using Magento from scratch to jumpstart the front-end of a web store quickly (other than Magento Commerce or Magento B2B)?

For example, Woocommerce is based on Wordpress, ERPAL is based on Drupal. Woocommerce and ERPAL are both their base/core CMSes PLUS extensions, themes etc. already pre-installed. I was wondering if Magento CE sprung such efforts, and if yes, is there a list of such extended versions of Magento available?

  • yy, You can use magento community, and install free themes. You can easly find it in google. Just type magento x.y (x.y - your magento vesrion) free theme – Konrad Siamro May 8 '20 at 10:30

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