I am trying to import a product csv to magento 2 instance using command line . I have followed this link https://www.thirdandgrove.com/insights/importing-products-magento2-part2/

This code is working for csv with ","-comma separated values .For "semi-colon : ;"separated values it is not working .From admin backend I am able to change the separator value and is working as expected.

In the same code I have tried the below

                        'entity' => 'catalog_product',
                        'behavior' => 'append',
                        'validation_strategy' => 'validation-stop-on-errors',
                        '_import_empty_attribute_value_constant' => '__EMPTY__VALUE__'

But this is not working .Command line import is taking always comma seperated columns . Is there any way I can make it import using semi-colon through command line .

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