In my Magento site, we found there was configuration in admin.

Admin -> Store -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer (Enabled only on Developer mode). JavaScript settings -> Move JS code to the bottom of the page

When this is YES, all the scripts tags on the site moves to the bottom of the page.

But I need to include a script which shouldn't move to the bottom.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


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I have developed a solution on my own. And submitted this as a blog.

Hope this helps for someone.


Happy Coding..!!!



To exclude a particular tag from moving to the bottom of the page, simply add type="text/x-magento-template" to the script tag and it will remain where originally inserted via layout instruction.

See vendor\magento\module-theme\Controller\Result\JsFooterPlugin.php

Line 82:: $isXMagentoTemplate = strpos($script, 'text/x-magento-template') !== false;


Edit the JsFooterPlugin.php file in /vendor/magento/module-theme/Controller/Result and include an exception in the first conditional of public function beforeSendResponse

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