Hi I am working in Magento cloud when merging the code from staging to production i am getting merge conflict issue

Preparing to merge environment 'staging' into master Checking out repository Executing merge Auto-merging .magento/routes.yaml CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in .magento/routes.yaml Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result. E: Error: Unable to merge, resolve the conflict manually.

Please help me if anyone know how to solve.

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This is very old question, But I got the same error today and this is how - I solved it. This may not the appropriate solution.

  1. Take a full Backup of the Branch or Master Branch using

    git clone ssh://[email protected]/path/to/my-project.git

  2. Checkout Branch (Merge from Stage - Production)

    git checkout Production

  3. Merge Using Strategy Option & Allow Unrelated History

    git merge origin/staging --strategy-option theirs --allow-unrelated-histories

  4. Push to Production (Forcefully)

    git add . && git push origin production -f

After this you will see the Production Branch is updated with Staging Branch Updates.

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