After installing a new theme as a new store-view, most of my product images (about 1000) will not show on the new storeview. They are showing OK on the original store view with the old theme. It is suggested that Most likely I have some wrong rewrites because when I look at images see that sometimes magento is looking for them in the wrong cache folder and sometimes it is looking for an image with the wrong name. Moreover some of the images from the original store view which are works don't exist in the magento cache folder at all, so they can't work, so it seems they are grabbed from cache, cdn or something.

image resize command did not help.

Is re-installing magento (2.3.4) can help? without losing all my configurations?

  • magento re-installation will not fix your issue, much easier to just fix this problem. debug more – MagenX May 2 '20 at 14:47

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