We launched a website 2 weeks ago and our client launch a pen test to check if everything was safe. Unfortunately It looks that we have two issues because of :

  • Vulnerable javascript library: jQuery.ui.dialog : version: 1.10.4 script uri: //static/version1586970304/frontend/Sm/market/fr_BE/jquery/patches/jquery-ui.js
  • Vulnerable javascript library: jQuery version: 1.12.4 script uri: //static/version1586970304/frontend/Sm/market/fr_BE/jquery.js

Is it real breach? Can we do something to solve it? I'm a bit afraid of updating the library since it will ask a lot of work.

Many thanks for your help! Regards

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The jquery issue is fixed with a simple patch


It sounds severe but really is a minor issue


// auto-execution of scripts when no explicit dataType was provided (See gh-2432)
jQuery.ajaxPrefilter( function( s ) {
    if ( s.crossDomain ) {
        s.contents.script = false;

You can then run the snippet of code with the xss check:


If you’ve correctly implemented the patch, you should no longer see a popup.

Not sure about the jQuery.ui.dialog part

Should be safe to upgrade that

Magento team dont seen too concerned


  • Hello Dominic, Indeed I found the patch on the website and I don't see the popup. Thanks a lot for your answer ! Have a great day and be save May 2, 2020 at 7:47

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