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I have made block below the shipping method selection block in which I have 2 fields now I want to save the data in database. on which file c I can get the custom field values.

  • 1. Which extension use and 2. you want to value insert database and get value admin panel??? – Mohit Patel May 5 '20 at 6:25
  • I want to insert the value in db – Mustafa Ali May 5 '20 at 6:25
  • github.com/sohelrana09/… – Mustafa Ali May 5 '20 at 6:26
  • i have many file change you connect me other platform. i will provide full module... – Mohit Patel May 6 '20 at 12:42
  • ok how can we get connect I need this module urgently. mustafabaltii786@gmail.com here is my email address u can mail me – Mustafa Ali May 6 '20 at 20:20

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