Please help me.

It's displayed below error when I have cloned and installed Magento 2.

enter image description here

  • I'm shooting in the dark here, but you most probably have a theme declared that does not have a proper image set. You can try to disable all the non-core themes and try again. and try to install your theme after everything works. to disable the theme edit the file app/design/frontend/{theme-name}/registration.php. Rename it to something else. (if the theme is located in the app/design folder). If it was installed by composer, then remove it from composer.json. – Marius Apr 29 at 13:01

i was trying to install Magento 2.3.5-p1 on WINDOWS 7 (32 bit) (yes it's out of date) and i run into the same error.

as per this thread, the error seems to be related to Windows platforms and the workaround was to add !file_exists($filename) condition to the if statement.

  • 1 Open vendor\magento\framework\Image\Adapter\Gd2.php file
  • 2 Find validateURLScheme function at line 96
  • 3 Append !file_exists($filename) condition to if statement :
private function validateURLScheme(string $filename) : bool
      $allowed_schemes = ['ftp', 'ftps', 'http', 'https'];
      $url = parse_url($filename);

      // Here !
      if ($url && isset($url['scheme']) && !in_array($url['scheme'], $allowed_schemes) && !file_exists($filename)) {

          return false;

      return true;

Anyway, this tweak worked for me till an official fix since the issue is still Open.

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I got the same error.

I changed vendor\magento\framework\Image\Adapter\Gd2.php file, Line 63 to:

if (!$filename || filesize($filename) === 0) {

After this I can install magento.

Or you can change url to, maybe it is ok.

Hope I can help you.

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