Anybody know where magento 2 in adminhtml customer creation, get email template, put it in transport builder, and send mail to customer with cunfirmation link.


Check the following class:


protected function sendEmailConfirmation(CustomerInterface $customer, $redirectUrl)
    try {
        $hash = $this->customerRegistry->retrieveSecureData($customer->getId())->getPasswordHash();
        $templateType = self::NEW_ACCOUNT_EMAIL_REGISTERED;
        if ($this->isConfirmationRequired($customer) && $hash != '') {
            $templateType = self::NEW_ACCOUNT_EMAIL_CONFIRMATION;
        } elseif ($hash == '') {
            $templateType = self::NEW_ACCOUNT_EMAIL_REGISTERED_NO_PASSWORD;
        $this->getEmailNotification()->newAccount($customer, $templateType, $redirectUrl, $customer->getStoreId());
    } catch (MailException $e) {
        // If we are not able to send a new account email, this should be ignored
    } catch (\UnexpectedValueException $e) {

The following line is sent email template for resetting the password:


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