I have some source customer/address data from an old system which needs to be imported to Magento from a CSV file.

The source data has multiple Address elements (house name, address 1, address 2, city, region, postal code, country).

We need to import house name, address1 and address 2 into a the 'street' field in Magento but I notice that the API allows for multiple address elements within this field (as XML):

    <data_item>Address Line 1</data_item>
    <data_item>Address Line 2</data_item>

My question is, can I format the street field in the CSV file so that the separate elements to be mapped in the same way? Do I just need to use a special separator, such a pipe, and specify this as a 'Multiple Value Separator' in the import wizard?

The aim is to enable the individual address elements to be identifiable from the 'street' when using the data to produce labels and when posting data to NAV. If there are any other recommendations about how to achieve this, those would be appreciated too!

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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