I am creating new import module and I have issue with new created Product. Product doesn't want to create:

In StockRegistry.php line 194:

  The Product with the "13.111.116" SKU doesn't exist.  

My code is:

/** @var Product $product */
$product = $this->productFactory->create();
$sku = $item->getSku();
$description = $item->getDescription();
$name = explode(',', $description);
if (key_exists(0, $name)) {
$qty = $item->getAvailableQuantity();
$isAvailable = ($qty > 0 && strcmp($item->getAvailabilityCode(), 'available') === 0);
$extensionAttributes = $product->getExtensionAttributes();
/** @var StockItemInterface $stockItem */
$stockItem = $extensionAttributes->getStockItem() ?: $this->stockItemInterfaceFactory->create();
$this->productRepository->save($product, true);

I am getting exception on save step. Adding product via API is working. I think it can be problem with AreaCode or MySQL. If I save via Product Resource Model, I am getting Lock wait timeout exceeded.

Maybe some one know solution. I tried different ways to save

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