1. I have a configurable product with main image for thumbnail and everything else.
  2. I create a variation with it's own image.
  3. I select hidden in product page in the main product's image.
  4. Placerholder is shown.
  5. I select a color and now the image is shown.
  6. Problem: the gallery shows two items, one being the placeholder. problem Why is this the expected behabior? Makes no sense to show the place holder in the gallery.

How can I remove the placeholder an only leave the simple products images?

I have my own custom theme with some very little edits of luma.

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you can check below answer may be this answer will help yo to do your task.

How to Change Product Images with external Image url in all magento 2 frontend and Backend Image display?

hope this will helpful for you.

Thank you

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