I was trying to link the product name in the shipment mail to the product on our page, so the customer can click on the product name in the shipment mail.

I have tried with


but getProduct() returns null. The same code worked for the order confirmation mail.

Does anybody know how I can get the product URL?



Try this code :-

    $_item = $block->getItem(); 
    $product_key = $_item->getProduct()->getUrlKey();    
    echo $product_key;

More information :-

How to get "product url" for multi website in sales email template


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  • Hello @whiterabbit this answer helpful or not ??? – Mohit Patel Apr 24 at 12:10
  • Hi, so I already tried this one, but it doesn't work for shipping or creditmemo mails. It only works for confirmation mails, because $_item->getProduct() returns null for shipping and creditmemo mails. – whiterabbit Apr 28 at 11:57

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