My robots.txt contain any code and this code
Disallow: /tag/
Is it okay for SEO to delete this command?


On my mind think you remove this Disallow: /tag/ not affect any code structure and magento 1 website.So i think it is good remove.

Disallow: /tag/ # uncomment if you’re not using tags

How to remove : ---

In # Paths (clean URLs)

Disallow: /tag/

And most useful more information link :-



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  • In the link that you have introduced It should be written in the file What do you think I should do? – user3485709 Apr 19 at 19:41
  • in my answer already add.write or not write but magento structure not change... – Mohit Patel Apr 19 at 19:44
  • and my mind say you write – Mohit Patel Apr 19 at 19:44

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