In one of my categories there is a lot products that are out of stock. I want to redirect the products that are out of stock to the category page without Filter By mark

Ex: website/product1 -> website/category1/filter1

I want it instead to redirect to website/category1

I have done simply this action in the file :


I have replaced this line

$_categoryUrl = $_category-getUrl().'/'.$urlKey ;

by this line

$_categoryUrl = $_category->getUrl()  ;

in this snippet of code


    $_categoryUrl = $_category-getUrl()  ;
     Mage::app()->getResponse()-setHeader('X-Redirect', 'product-not-available')->setRedirect($_categoryUrl, $_redirectStatus);
 } else {
     Mage::app()->getResponse()-setHeader('X-Redirect', 'no-category')-setRedirect('/', $_redirectStatus);

But even It is visually correct It is incorrect; I should redirect by product but I did not understand what that means. Don't hesitate if you need any additional information.

Thanks in advance,

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