I'm trying to install Magento 2.3 on a local Laragon install, but the composer install is failing because of this error:

  Invalid credentials for 'https://repo.magento.com/archives/magento/module-invitation/magento-module-invitation-', aborting.

I've tried re-generating my marketplace access keys and tried using another account. Adobe is saying their servers are working fine from what I can tell. I've ensured that I'm putting the public key in the "username" prompt and the private key in the "password" prompt. I'm not saving my keys anywhere and am putting them in every time it asks.

~ Matt

  • Is this Magento Commerce or OpenSource what you're trying to install? – PauGNU Apr 10 '20 at 16:00
  • @PauGNU this is Magento Cloud, so I'm assuming Commerce. – Matt Krell Apr 10 '20 at 20:03
  • @MohitPatel would this have to do with my MageID not being a Commerce related one? I've read somewhere that the package it's trying to download isn't a Commerce package... – Matt Krell Apr 10 '20 at 20:08
  • HI @MattKrell, yes: your user doesn't have the permissions to download Magento Cloud. Unless you have purchased that Magento version subscription, you can't. If you're working for a client that has paid for it, he/she will have a magento account and they can grant access to your user. – PauGNU Apr 11 '20 at 18:18

At Magento root add auth.json and remove other auth.json or auth.json.sample file.

    "http-basic": {
        "repo.magento.com": {
            "username": "b2bf8b45105dce3bc6959628b2865433",
            "password": "23e0a6089d049486e96b637a8253d060"

Here add your generated key

I Hope This Helps You.


Try to add your username and password (Public key and private key) in the auth.json file which is available in the Magento root directory.

If auth.json is not there then create it and then add these credentials into that file and then check it might resolve your issue.

Check this guide: https://devdocs.magento.com/cloud/setup/first-time-setup-import-prepare.html#auth-json

I hope this will help you.

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