Tried filtering with option_id and value_id but it is looking for value and when I change it to catalog_product_entity_int.value_id or at_manufacturer.value_id it returns syntax error.

Trying to filter with code

$productcollection = $this->collectionFactory->create()->addAttributeToSelect('manufacturer')->addFieldToFilter('something here',['eq'=>'value id or option_id here']);


query looks like that when debugging

SELECT `e`.*, `at_manufacturer`.`value` AS `manufacturer` FROM `catalog_product_entity` AS `e`
 INNER JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int` AS `at_manufacturer` ON (`at_manufacturer`.`entity_id` = `e`.`entity_id`) AND (`at_manufacturer`.`attribute_id` = '81') AND (`at_manufacturer`.`store_id` = 0) WHERE (at_manufacturer.value = 'LG')

How to filter that properly?

  • What is the error message? – Adarsh Khatri Apr 14 at 0:49
  • when I use manufacturer as a first argument it's not filtering right. when I use main_table.value_id it returns syntax error. – Giga Todadze Apr 14 at 7:22

Instead of LG, you should provide it's id. I am not sure how you are using this collection but you should be able to do this if you know your manufacturer option id:

//collectionFactory = \Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\CollectionFactory
$productcollection = $this->collectionFactory->create()
   ->addFieldToFilter('manufacturer',['eq'=>'21']); //value

This create sql like this:

SELECT `e`.*, `at_manufacturer`.`value` AS `manufacturer` FROM `catalog_product_entity` AS `e`
   LEFT JOIN `catalog_product_entity_int` AS `at_manufacturer` ON (`at_manufacturer`.`row_id` = `e`.`row_id`) AND (`at_manufacturer`.`attribute_id` = '81') AND (`at_manufacturer`.`store_id` = 0) WHERE ((at_manufacturer.value = '21')) AND (e.created_in <= 1) AND (e.updated_in > 1)

Hope this helps.

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