Why isn't there a /design/adminhtml/base and /skin/adminhtml/base? Sine CE 1.4 and EE 1.8 the frontend section uses /design/base now instead of /design/default as the final fallback area. It seems inconsistent that adminhtml would still use /design/adminhtml/default instead of having been refactored to be called /design/adminhtml/base.

Just curious really.

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I think it simply wasn't high up on the priority list as admin customisations would rarely require multiple level of fallbacks (more important for frontend, with the latest releases even supporting infinite fallbacks).

If you like you can rename
app/design/adminhtml/default/default to app/design/adminhtml/base/default
skin/adminhtml/default/default to skin/adminhtml/base/default and will actually work since the fallback code is used across both frontend and backend.

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