I'm making a custom shipping module. When a user selects the shipping method, I want it to populate the shipping address fields with some custom address data.

I have overridden the select shipping method handler like so:

var config = {
    map: {
        '*': {

I want to programatically set the form field values on the checkout page. Something like:

], function (quote, shipping) {
    'use strict';

    return function (shippingMethod) {
        shipping.street("99 Road Street");
        shipping.city("New York");

Is there a way to do this without just dumping in the values using jquery?


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Add parameters into object in this file "new-customer-address.js" is setting up the shipping address. find file in Magento_Checkout/js/model/ code library.

just add the values into these parameters

email: shipping_address.email, countryId: countryId, regionId: regionId || shipping_address.regionId, regionCode: shipping_address.region ? shipping_address.region['region_code'] : null, region: shipping_address.region ? shipping_address.region.region : null, customerId: shipping_address['customer_id'] || shipping_address.customerId, street: shipping_address.street ? _.compact(shipping_address.street) : shipping_address.street, company: shipping_address.company, telephone: shipping_address.telephone, fax: shipping_address.fax, postcode: shipping_address.postcode ? shipping_address.postcode : DefaultPostCodeResolver.resolve(), city: shipping_address.city, firstname: shipping_address.firstname, lastname: shipping_address.lastname, middlename: shipping_address.middlename, prefix: shipping_address.prefix, suffix: shipping_address.suffix, vatId: shipping_address['vat_id'], saveInAddressBook: shipping_address['save_in_address_book'], customAttributes: shipping_address['custom_attributes']

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