New to Magento 2, and we're setting up a new store that will sell both physical and downloadable products.

In Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Methods -> Table Rates We've set Condition as "Price vs. Destination" and Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation as "No".

We have a test table as follows: Country,Region/State,"Zip/Postal Code","Order Subtotal (and above)","Shipping Price" ITA,,,0.0000,5.0000 ITA,,,10.1000,3.0000 ITA,,,20.1000,0.0000

What should be happening:
If the total cost of PHYSICAL products in cart is €20 or over, shipping is free. So, if I have €18 worth of physical products + €10 worth of downloadable products - shipping should NOT be free.

What's actually happening:
If we add downloadable products together with physical products to the cart it uses their total cost to calculate Free Shipping.

If the cart only has downloadable products in it, or only physical products in it, the calculation is correct, it's when there's a combination of both that things aren't working as they should.

Also, each product is a variant of a configurable product where the customer chooses the physical or downloadable version (if that changes anything).

Any help appreciated!

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