hello guys in my case when I want to run any command like 'bin/magento setup:upgrade && bin/magento cache:clean && bin/magento cache:flush ' or bin/magento setup:di:upgrade , it always shows met his error :

Warning: fopen(/var/www/html/myproject/web/var/cache//mage-tags/mage---a0a_CONFIG): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/html/myproject/web/vendor/colinmollenhour/cache-backend-file/File.php on line 646

can anyone tell me how to solve this problem please ?


Magento told you that you don't have permissions to write in /var/cache folder, please check what are the permission of the /var folder.


And More refer this link :-

Error Warning: file_put_contents(/var/www/html/var/cache//mage-tags/mage---792_CONFIG): failed to open stream: Permission denied

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  • Hello it's answer is helpful ?? – Mohit Patel Apr 11 at 5:15

You should run this command:

chmod -R 777  var pub generated

Please let me know if it works!

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  • it work , but when a get access to a website after setup:upgrade it tells me , permission denied for generate folder – David montera Apr 14 at 9:18

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