i am using authorize.net payment in magento 2.3.1 and i have one order coming suspected fraud. but when i will suspected fraud to deny payment and i see error but i can't process continue to Deny payment

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and error like:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getAdditionalInformation() on boolean in 

and error line like:

public function build(array $buildSubject): array
    $paymentDO = $this->subjectReader->readPayment($buildSubject);
    $payment = $paymentDO->getPayment();
    $transactionData = [];

    if ($payment instanceof Payment) {
        $authorizationTransaction = $payment->getAuthorizationTransaction();
        $refId = $authorizationTransaction->getAdditionalInformation('real_transaction_id'); //here error line
        if (empty($refId)) {
            $refId = $authorizationTransaction->getParentTxnId();

        $transactionData['transactionRequest'] = [
            'transactionType' => self::REQUEST_TYPE_VOID,
            'refTransId' => $refId

    return $transactionData;

Thanks in Advance

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