I currently have a magento 1.9 installation which uses two stores. I'm at the moment trying to move a category (as well as the subcategories and products) from one store to the other but I'm running into some issues. At the moment, several subcategories are missing and don't show properly on the category page.

What I've tried so far is to simply move the folder, and change the file used for the static block to ensure that they're the same between the two sites. What else could I be missing?

Thanks in advance.


maybe you should try to do it in a different way. I've recently upgraded my store to the 2.3 version with the help of Cart2Cart. It's an automated service. The overall impression is pretty good - they did the job quickly and I'm satisfied with the result. And, most importantly, I wasn't even involved in the process - just configured the migration at the very beginning and that's all. Everything was done automatedly. Maybe they will help you too. Good luck with that!

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