Did you ever face 404 Error when the customer is logged in and switching the store switch with having folder structure is Base Url?

Something like, Base Url is http://examplemagento.com/b2c/

I have noted that while switching the store it redirects to this controller Magento\Store\Controller\Store\SwitchRequest.php

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I just noted that, Magento\Store\Model\StoreSwitcher\HashGenerator.php model file is using $urlParts = parse_url($targetUrl); parse_url to get the base_url which will remove the folder from the actual base_url.

I just overrided Magento\Store\Model\StoreSwitcher\HashGenerator.php file and updated $urlParts = parse_url($targetUrl); line number 75.

  1. Created preference in the di.xml file.

<preference for="Magento\Store\Model\StoreSwitcher\HashGenerator" type="Custom\Module\Model\Rewrite\StoreSwitcher\HashGenerator" />

  1. Model overrided file as below.

    • Override Magento\Store\Model\StoreSwitcher\HashGenerator and just lines from line number 75 to 85 as below.

$urlParts = parse_url($targetUrl); //$host = $urlParts['host']; //$scheme = $urlParts['scheme']; $host = $targetStore->getBaseUrl(); $key = (string)$this->deploymentConfig->get(ConfigOptionsListConstants::CONFIG_PATH_CRYPT_KEY); $timeStamp = time(); $fromStoreCode = $fromStore->getCode(); $data = implode(',', [$customerId, $timeStamp, $fromStoreCode]); $signature = hash_hmac('sha256', $data, $key); //$targetUrl = $scheme . "://" . $host . '/stores/store/switchrequest'; $targetUrl = $host . 'stores/store/switchrequest';

Hopefully, it will do it the required changes.

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