I am new to Magento, I am trying to set up Magento with ddev. So, Downloaded setup version 2.3 with sample data. When I run the setup it shows AngularJs errors in the console (See the screenshot).

enter image description here

Also, it hangs the chrome tab, needs to restart the browser.

Can anyone help?


Maybe redirect the issue. I face that issue for the wrong Nginx config issue.

Try using the command line:

php bin/magento setup:install --base-url=http://magento2.com/ \
--db-host=localhost --db-name=magento2 --db-user=root --db-password=root \
--admin-firstname=FName --admin-lastname=LName --admin-email=youremil@mail.com \
--admin-user=admin --admin-password=admin123 --language=en_US \
--currency=USD --timezone=America/Chicago --use-rewrites=1

You need to modify DB user/pass, base_url, admin user/pass from the above command.

  • Thanks for answer, I tried CLI installation but getting this error – GNB Apr 4 '20 at 8:21
  • What is the error? – Sohel Rana Apr 4 '20 at 12:22

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