I have in my Magento 2.3.2 defined 3 store views for 3 languages: English (en), Spanish (es) and Dutch (nl).

I have already several pages in the 3 different languages and when viewing such page switching language with the store view switcher works fine.

However, I'm now trying to add one more page and suddenly switching store views is giving a problem for that page. The page is available for all 3 languages as from any of the store views I can view it, I just can't switch store views when viewing that particular page.

The page is "handling-shipping" and is accessible through a footer link I've added. Magento is installed in a folder called "shop":

  • if I'm at /shop/nl/handling-shipping and I change to Spanish it will get me to /shop/es/ Vice versa, if I'm at the Spanish page and want to switch to Dutch it will also bring me to the Spanish home page
  • If I want to switch to English from either the Dutch or Spanish page I get a "page not found"...../shop/pub/errors/404.php Other pages work fine. I've tried deleting the page, clean all caches and recreating it with both the same and another URL but without success.
  • After reindexing even the home page in English gave a 404....
  • I now no longer show the storenames in the URL. This solves the 404, but still for this particuluar page switching storeview throws you back to the home page in the newly chosen storeview.
  • This already happens without a user being logged in (I know there is a similar issue that occurs only if the user is logged in, but the solution to that issue is not valid for my problem).

Any suggestions?

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