I’m developing a module to show shipping rate at product’s page, I followed this link: https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/299107/85869.

[Short question] When I request estimate for the first time it don’t works as expect, but when I add any product to cart it works normally!

First request at anonymous session

After add any product to cart:

Second request after added any product

[What I tried:] In Postman (same behavior) If I use in header Cookie with PHPSESSID value (only PHPSESSID no more any other value in cookie is needed) it course doesn’t work at first time, if I keep it as it is and go to navigator and add product to cart, It works also in Postman.

I’m using a 3rd party Module to calculate shipping for Brazil (the only I’ll use in store, once it will only sell to Brazil): https://bitbucket.org/imagination-media/correios/wiki/Home IDK it this problem only happens with that module

Cookies in browser: First request: Firefox, first request

Second Request: (From now, using PHPSESSID value, works even in Postman) Firefox, second request

I can put my module in github it someone what to try it (just let me know)

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