I seem to be unable to get the current customer group price for a product.

Product is set up with a standard price of £20 and a 'wholesale' group price for 1+ units at £10.

On a category page (when logged in as a wholesale customer), I correctly see the struck through price and £10 beside it.

However, I want to show an icon when a customer is getting a special price because of their group.

$product->getPrice() returns 20, $product->getFinalPrice() returns 20, $product->getSpecialPrice() is null.

I'm trying to get the current group customer price (10) in a variable, so I can compare it. Is this possible? If so, what function do I need to use?


You can get the group price by below way,


Check this my another answer reference link: https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/301538/59677

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  • Thank you - I believed this showed all tier prices, but it only shows the active / current so works exactly as I need. – Jamie Mar 28 at 12:11
  • Please upvote the answer if it works for you, so this will useful for other community members also. – Kishor Thummar Mar 29 at 4:33

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